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Six axis manipulator laser welding machine

Introduction of Equipment

The six-axis robot laser welding uses 2000-6000 watt fiber laser, with fiber swing laser welding head, high speed swing of the original courtyard, when the color makes the laser beam to focus on the welding workpiece with spiral, spiral laser beam density is higher, after the welding pass is wider, there is better welding adhesion.

Non-contact welding, the construction of a high degree of flexibility, can be arbitrary action characteristics; Can be three-dimensional welding, not limited to plane welding; The arm span is suitable for large size welding range and has great advantages in welding production line.

Scope of application

It is suitable for large-surface welding of new energy lithium battery PACK, flip sheet, pole lug, pole pole, explosion-proof sheet, soft connection of confluence bar, and laser welding of large-size power battery shell.

Model Features

  1. It adopts the six-axis robot of ABB as the movement body and the humanized operating system, which is easy to learn.
  2. Combined with laser welding system, suitable for all kinds of customized tooling, can be welded plane, three-dimensional surface products.
  3. Equipment wiring specification, motion process to ensure cable life, CCD monitoring system and red light indicator, programming is simple and convenient.
  4. The six-axis mechanical arm is highly flexible and has the advantages of large-format welding with high welding efficiency.

Advantages of laser welding

The robot has the advantage of great flexibility, can carry out arbitrary welding action, welding multiple stations in the effective range of the arm span at the same time, high productivity efficiency;
High laser energy density, small thermal deformation during welding, good welding surface density, no bubbles, play a great advantage in lithium battery PACK welding.