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How to prevent polymer lithium battery explosion skillfully?
Date:2022.12.02Visits:Source:Xinde (Shenzhen) Laser Equipment Co., LTD
Can polymer lithium batteries explode? How to skillfully deal with the prevention of lithium battery explosion? Safety has always been an important problem plaguing the industrialization of lithium battery industry. In recent years, we often see various safety accidents caused by battery explosion.

At present, most polymer lithium batteries are soft pack batteries, which are made of soft packaging and polymer electrolyte. Under normal circumstances, the use and storage will not explode, unless it is short circuit caused by human force damage, but nothing in the world is absolute. Lithium polymer battery is also known as polymer battery. In terms of safety, the biggest difference between lithium polymer battery and lithium ion battery is that when the two batteries are heated inside, lithium ion battery will explode, while lithium polymer battery will only volatilize chemical properties and burn at most.

So how do you prevent lithium-polymer batteries from exploding?

1. Please confirm the temperature when charging

At low temperature, the low-temperature protection mechanism of polymer lithium battery will prevent the chemical reaction of substances in the battery, so the battery cannot be charged or the charging speed is slowed down. At high temperature, the battery will be unstable and even cause explosion.
2. Pay attention to the number of charging

"Eat small meals often"

There is a saying: each mobile phone battery has a fixed number of charging times, if the number of charging is too much, will accelerate the battery aging strain degree! In fact, this is wrong. Polymer lithium batteries, like humans, pay attention to small meals, frequent charging is actually a little good for the battery.

3, the secondary charging should not be too long

The second charge doesn't need anything to be charged for 12 hours, the first charge just needs to be charged as usual!

4. Turn off and charge

If conditions permit, turn off the battery when charging, which is good for battery maintenance. While charging while playing mobile phone, in addition to damage the battery, but also harmful to the human body!

5, try not to overcharge, full of timely unplug the charger.

The way to prevent explosions, of course, is to have a battery circuit board design. Although this will increase the manufacturing cost of lithium batteries, it is necessary for the safe use of lithium batteries, and all regular lithium battery manufacturers cannot avoid this design.