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Xinde laser water chiller antifreeze reference
Date:2022.12.16Visits:Source:Xinde (Shenzhen) Laser Equipment Co., LTD

Dear Xinde laser users:

Thanks for choosing QuanGu chillers, we’d like to reminder you since the winter is coming.

It’s time to add anti-freezing oil in your chiller water loop.

Frozen water in chiller will damage compressor and water pump, laser, fiber head, cutter and optical path, which will cause great loss. Please take precautions against


Instructions as below

1. Add anti-freezing oil ( Forbidden use automobile


1.1 Power-off the chiller, open drain outlet to empty water inside the chiller.

1.2 Mix glycol and cooling water into the same container according to the following table

Comparison table of glycol antifreeze concentration and freezing point

glycol antifreeze concentration

freezing point













1.3 Mix and stir the two solutions evenly;

1.4 Fill the stirred solutions into the chiller water tank, then power on and let the water circulating until the liquid level meets the requirements.

2. Chiller power-on mode.

2.1 Make sure chiller filter core and deionizer are clean

2.2 Chiller power on and keep running.


If chiller power-off, power down or chiller warning, chilled water stop circulating then will lead water frozen, so that Please choose chiller power on mode carefully, only in case of emergency.

3. Please empty water in chiller if chiller won’t be used last for 2 days.

3.1 Please open liquid valve and empty water tank and remove filter core and deionizer(Old models).

3.2 Remove 4pcs water pipes of the main circuit and the external optical circuit.

3.3 Using 5bar nitrogen or compressed air blowing to the outlet of main circuit repeatedly in 4~5 times, then check the drain outlet water mist changes till there is no water mist which means drainage finished.