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Xinde laser delivery site: automatic through-type lithium battery laser welding machine delivery
Date:2022.11.30Visits:Source:Xinde (Shenzhen) Laser Equipment Co., LTD
The machine uses 6000 watt fiber laser, flow type automatic production line; The products are automatically transported to the welding area and welded after automatic identification by the visual positioning system, which can accurately and quickly complete the one-time welding of the battery pack. Automatic pneumatic top pressing clamping device can effectively avoid the phenomenon of virtual welding and ensure the consistency of product welding quality. It is a professional lithium battery PACK welding production line with high intelligence automation

Model features:

1, intelligent mode, automatic product welding, labor saving, high production capacity. Industrial PC control.

2, touch operation interface, simple operation.

3, exclusive visual positioning fixed focus welding system, free from manual positioning, simple light industry.

4, using high speed vibrating mirror welding or swing welding, welding efficiency is more than 3 times of the conventional welding machine.

5, the use of imported sensors, with automatic focus function (the company's unique innovative technology).