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Laser welding machine can not light how to do
Date:2022.12.09Visits:Source:Xinde (Shenzhen) Laser Equipment Co., LTD

As we all know, laser welding machine is a common equipment widely used in production. Because it can weld all kinds of metal parts, it is widely used in automobile, electrical appliances, hardware, machinery and other fields.

Moreover, because the use of laser welding machine is very simple, the use of intelligent welding technology, high precision, welders easy to use, so it can greatly save manpower.

But even though it's easy to operate, what if something goes wrong with the welding machine, such as a laser welding machine that doesn't emit light?

First of all, we should understand how to find the cause of laser welding machine does not glow, and take corresponding measures.

1. The aging of the laser light source element used for a long time leads to problems in the plate control system of the laser marking machine.

2. Power supply, cooling system, optical path movement, laser generator and other hardware equipment failure;

3. Check whether there is a laser display on the screen, whether there is a normal laser display, if there is no display, or the actual number of light and set the parameters are not the same, then the motherboard must be replaced. If the main board of the welding machine is still not luminous, the light brake should be replaced;

Xin De laser finally want to remind you: sometimes, laser welding machine failure, in addition to the mechanical reasons, but also may be caused by improper operation, so in the use of laser welding machine, we must always pay attention to the operation of the equipment, to prevent the abnormal operation of the equipment, resulting in accidents.